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What does the Law Clinic offer?

Trained member students of the Refugee Law Clinic Mainz offer legal advice about questions of asylum law and private law. Two advisors form a team on all occasions. Counselling also takes place under supervision of a lawyer following §6 RDG (Rechtsdienstleistungsgesetz – Judicial Services Bill). Hence, we cooperate with lawyers, who support the students should they reach the bounds of their expertise. Our typical cases include preparation for the BAMF (Bundesamt für Migration – Federal Office for Migration) hearing, information concerning said hearing, but also about the process of an asylum case or about the following of families and the chances of staying. Regarding civil law we consult for example on cell phone contracts or gym membership contracts. We also consult on law of tenancy.

We do not offer consultations on penal law, social law, employment law as well as on time-bound cases.  Furthermore, we do not represent in a court of law and do not prepare cases.

Our counsellors have completed a special training in asylum and migration law lasting half a year. Some also did a advanced training on civil law. However we point out, that our offer does not negate the necessity of having a lawyer.


For whom is our offer interesting and how much does it cost?

Our offer applies to all refugees in the area of Mainz, regardless of age, sex, skin colour, descent or religion. Counsel by the Law Clinic is free of charge. If a mandate takeover by a lawyer becomes necessary, related costs might apply which we cannot pay for unfortunately. We do not offer counselling via phone, Facebook or e-mail.


Where and when does the counsel take place and how do get there?

On monday the counselling takes place in the HS V in the old ReWi (Jakob-Welder-Weg 4, Mainz).
On friday the counselling takes place in the RW 5 in the new ReWi (Jakob-Welder-Weg 9, Mainz).

An interactive map can be found here.

When necessary follow up dates can be set by the mandator and the counsellor, which can take place in the office of the RLC Mainz within the university campus.


The next Counselling dates.

Please note, that applying in advance is necessary for counselling sessions (see below). The following dates are not open for the public.


How can I apply for counselling? What do I have to bring?

Our counselling sessions are essentially only open for people who have applied via the form or the contact address. Applying via phone is not possible at this time. If you have send an application, you will receive a confirmation by one of our personal within three work days (Monday to Friday), which will confirm time, place and date of the session. We can unfortunately not guarantee the availability of a team of counsellors at your requested date. Applying a good deal in advance is a sensible course of action. We ask, that you complete the application form as thorough as possible, for our counsellors to be able to prepare as best as possible. Additionally it is sensible to bring passports and any letters that you have received from official instances so far.